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rome_fic's Journal

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Fanfiction for HBO's Rome
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This is a community for posting fanfiction and other related materials for HBO's Rome. This includes fic (gen, het and slash), photomanips and fanvids.

This is not a forum for discussion of individual episodes or the actors, there are other communities for that.

Please label all fic with the title, authour, pairing and rating. And please put all fic longer than 100 words behind a cut tag. Also, I encourage the use of a beta reader or a good spell-check; it makes fic that much better and easier to enjoy.

Please be respectful to all members. Remember, we're here to enjoy ourselves. Feedback is awesome and constructive criticism is good, but if I see anyone being hurtful and disrespectful you'd better believe I'll ban you.

Any questions, email me at prairiedaun (at) gmail (dot) com

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