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Fic: Intoxicating (Brutus/Antony)

Title: Intoxicating
Pairing: Brutus/Antony
Timeframe: Set before the show.
Length: 1,784
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Rating for language and explicit sex. No spoilers.
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, but I don't mind borrowing them for a bit.
Everybody likes a drunken Brutus, especially Antony.
Here it is, my second attempt at Brutus/Antony slash. Special thanks to skelletonkey  for giving me the idea for this, though she may not know it. Thank you to [info]androidtomato for her awesome beta skills.

Brutus stood in the hallway, trying to make his head stop spinning. He'd had too much wine. He always had too much wine. His mother had taken his latest cup away and sent him to his room to sober up. He didn't make it very far before he felt the urge to vomit, so he stopped to try and calm his stomach. When the urge subsided, he took several deep breaths and looked down the hallway towards his bedroom, trying to gauge how far the walk would be. He wondered if he could make it there without falling on his ass. He was certainly going to try since he really didn't want one of the slaves or, by Gods, his mother, finding him passed out on the floor.

He started to walk, using the wall to steady himself, when he heard a familiar voice come from behind him.

"Never could hold your wine, could you?" Antony chuckled.

Brutus stopped, rolled his eyes, then turned to look at the man. "What do you want?" his lips curled into a snarl.

"I was bored," Antony shrugged, "I figured I'd get more enjoyment out of watching you stumble down the hallway then talking about battle tactics with Caesar and Pompey."

Brutus leaned against the wall, his head beginning to spin again. "I am glad my misery entertains you so." He looked at Antony. "Is there not a slave somewhere that you could be fucking?" His words slurred a bit.

Antony smiled. "My, my, you do get a dirty mouth on you when you're inebriated. It is...quite attractive."

Brutus felt his legs threatening to give out. "Please go away. I am in no mood to trade words with you." Just as the words left his mouth, his knees buckled. He didn't hit the ground though, which confused him, until he realized why. Antony's strong arms were wrapped tight around his waist, their faces separated by a few inches. Brutus could feel Antony's breath mingle with his. Antony felt his cock stiffen a little beneath his tunic. He helped Brutus back up to a standing position, then let his arms slip from around the other man's waist. They stared at each other for a moment, before Antony spoke.

"Hmm...not half as entertaining as I'd expected, but what can you do, eh? Come. We must get you to bed." He moved toward Brutus, who pushed him away.

"I do not need your help. I can walk on my own." Brutus began to walk, but only made it a few steps before his spinning head became too much. Antony was there to catch him again. He threw Brutus' left arm over his shoulders and put an arm around his waist to steady him. They began moving down the hall. Maybe it was the wine, but Brutus actually liked the feeling of being this close to Antony's body.

When they finally reached the bedroom, Brutus shook Antony off of him, causing him to lose his balance and sway backwards. Antony jerked forward to catch him, but Brutus managed to steady himself against the bed. He looked down at the floor as he spoke, "I'll be fine now, thank you." He was embarrassed about the way he felt pressed against Antony. Part of him wanted Antony to leave, yet part of him wanted to know what it felt like to have the soldier lying on top of him. That need only grew the longer Antony stood in his proximity.

"Are you certain? I can get a slave to come in and help you."

Brutus slowly looked up at Antony. He gazed into the man's deep brown eyes. He couldn't take it anymore. Brutus snaked an arm behind his neck and pulled Antony's lips to his. Antony made a small noise of surprise, but didn't push him away. He kissed him back, hungrily. He could taste the wine on Brutus lips. Brutus slid his tongue into Antony's mouth, exploring every inch. Antony's hands moved to Brutus' hips. They stumbled back against the bed, but their kiss never broke. Antony ground himself into the front of Brutus, causing him to moan into Antony's mouth. Antony was hard, very hard. They finally parted, both of them breathing heavily, their foreheads touching.

Antony smiled. "Why Brutus, I never knew you felt this way."

"Just keep your mouth shut and fuck me." came Brutus' reply. Antony raised his eyebrows in surprise and opened his mouth, then shut it just as quickly. He wasn't going to argue.

Antony kissed Brutus, open-mouthed, letting his tongue glide over those soft lips before settling it against Brutus' tongue. Brutus' tongue pushed against Antony's, fighting for dominance. He knew he'd lose, but he had to try. Antony broke the kiss and slid his mouth down Brutus' neck, alternately sucking and licking. He used teeth at one point, eliciting a gasp from Brutus. Brutus' heart was pounding so hard he thought it would pound right out of his chest. He felt the blood rushing to his cock as he grew harder. He ran a hand up Antony's neck, tracing the vain that was always visible when Antony was angry, lightly with his fingers. When his hand finally reached it's destination, Antony's hair, he grabbed a handful and pulled. Antony grunted at the slight pain and brought his lips back to Brutus'. He kissed him hard before pushing the drunken man onto the bed and climbing on top of him.

Antony made short work of the belt around Brutus' waist then grabbed the hem of his tunic and pulled it up, over his head.
Then he tugged his own clothes off. His eyes wondered over Brutus' delicate body, a stark contrast from his own solid, strong body,finally resting his eyes on Brutus' cock, hard and flushed lying against his stomach . Brutus shifted slightly under Antony's gaze.

Antony licked his lips, "My, you are lovely, aren't you?" Antony saw Brutus blush. He chuckled as he leaned down to plant a kiss on Brutus' chest then sat up again.

Brutus couldn't take his eyes off of Antony's erection. His wine-addled brain wondered if all of Antony would fit inside his body. Brutus eased himself up and looked eagerly at Antony, who was watching him. Antony grinned. Brutus reached out and took Antony, wrapping his hand around Antony's hot cock. He pulled, gently, as Antony let a sigh escape his lips. He rubbed his thumb over the velvet tip, then slid his hand down to the base and back up again, resisting the urge to grip harder. Slowly, gently he slid his hand, up and down. He wanted to use his mouth so bad, to wrap his lips around that heat.

Antony moaned with pleasure. It wasn't supposed to happen this way. Antony always had control over every situation, but for some reason that control was starting to slip, the longer Brutus kept moving his hand up and down Antony's cock like that. Fuck, he needed to regain control.

"Stop," he grabbed Brutus hard by the wrist. Brutus looked up, confusion filling his face. "Roll over," Antony demanded, "Now." He needed to fuck Brutus, to show him who was in charge. Fuck him until he screamed Antony's name.

Brutus swallowed hard then turned over. He eased down on to the sheets and turned his head so he wouldn't suffocate himself. Antony quickly reached over him, to the small jar of oil he saw sitting on the table. He grabbed a handful, dripping some of it onto Brutus' back, and slicked himself with it. He positioned himself over Brutus' tight ass. Antony didn't bother to prepare him, to stretch him, there was no time. He need to get inside of Brutus right now, to reassert his dominance.

He pushed himself into Brutus, going deep inside him. He was so goddamn tight. Brutus stifled his cry of pain into the bed. Antony pulled back until the tip of his cock was all that remained inside the man beneath him, then pushed in again, harder. Then again and again. Brutus moaned and writhed underneath him. The slight pain he felt at first was overridden by the pleasure of having Antony going so deep inside him, so fucking deep. Gods, it felt good. He heard Antony grunting and groaning above him.

Antony threw himself against Brutus' back and turned him slightly, just enough that he could reach Brutus' cock with his hand. Brutus shuddered as Antony's rough hand wrapped itself around him and began to slide up and down. Antony began to get into a rhythm and Brutus followed, his hips moving in time with Antony's. Antony nipped at Brutus' neck as his moaning got louder. Brutus bit his lip trying to keep it inside, but it wasn't working.
Antony smiled, he took pleasure knowing he could make Brutus lose control, even this little bit. Antony gave Brutus' cock a particularly harsh tug just to hear him wail.

Antony could feel the orgasm coming, so he thrust harder and faster, doing the same to Brutus' cock with his fist. Brutus was on the edge, his breathing becoming more ragged and broken.
Antony wanted to watch as Brutus came first, but the tight heat of Brutus' body had him at the edge much faster than he had expected. Brutus arched his back into Antony's chest. "Antony," he cried as he spilled all over Antony's hand and onto the sheets. Antony's back arched too as he gave one last hard thrust, coming so hard it shook him violently. He groaned into Brutus' shoulder biting hard enough to leave a mark.

They collapsed onto the bed, panting. Neither of them dared move.

Antony spoke first once his breathing slowed. "You are full of surprises my dear boy. And what a pleasant surprise this was." He groaned as he pulled himself out of Brutus and rolled off the bed. He grabbed his clothes and dressed as Brutus rolled onto his back and winced. The buzz from the wine was beginning to wear off and his head began to pound. He closed his eyes and breathed in deeply.
He could feel his body throbbing, from pain or pleasure he wasn't sure.

Antony chuckled. "The pain will pass. Do not worry. You'll be back to your morose self soon enough." He walked back to the bed and leaned down, resting a hand on Brutus' sweat slick chest, mere inches separating their lips. "We will do this again I am sure. Next time though, I hope you will be sober and more resistant," he grinned as he added, "I do like a good fight." Antony stood and walked out of the room. Brutus watched him leave then sighed and stared up at the ceiling, cradling his arms underneath his head.

If this were to happen again, Brutus thought, he was definitely going to need more wine.

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