April 19th, 2009

Ianto - Gun

Attention: All Fan Fanfic Writers!!! Please read....

Many thanks to prairiedaun for permission to post - :)


Okay fellow fan fic writers - I am in FULL PIMP MODE!!! :)

I wanted to beg, plead and grovel for your permission to become part of the new crack for the fan fiction reading public at large!

There's a new livejournal that just opened which features the works of fanfic writers by hosting their stories - converted into ebooks! Specifically for Kindle ebook (and other brands too) readers - or for anyone who uses the free mobi-pocket reader program on their computers or cell phones.

Now here's the BIG QUESTION! Would you please please please consider giving your permission to share your stories at kindle_fanfic ??? And if you’re not a writer, but have a VERY faithful following for a certain slash writer, would you pretty please pass this invitation along to them and encourage that they consider letting their work be featured???

Ebook readers, computers and mobile phones – with your favorite fics right at your fingertips – that would ROCK! I'm very sure others would be happy to have them available to re-read again and again, whether they are online or not.

I've given permission for my own stories to be featured. Crossing fingers maybe this might interest you as well?

The archivist will gladly convert the files - full credit to you as always! - create an author page for your fic and will host all of your Kindle/Mobi Pocket Reader converted stories on her own website for download by members of the new livejournal.

You get a larger new audience for your work, and you get to add to the ever growing list of fandoms being featured! It's win, win!

If you're interested - let me know and I will pass along the information the archivist gave me about how to send the files to her, etc.

Please - think about it!!!